Amicus Solar Cooperative member-owners are companies with the mission of bettering our environment through renewable energy. They are long-term installers with an average of 15 years in the solar industry. Also they become involved in their communities, giving back to make the world a better place.

aes_logoFounded in 2003, Alternative Energy Systems (AES) is based in Chico, CA and serves the North State area. Their goals are to provide superior service, highest quality equipment, and to build lifelong relationships with their clients and team. With nearly 2,000 residential solar installations, the use of SunPower solar panels and a 50+ percent referral rate, they are well on their way to accomplishing all three.

AES services commercial applications as well as residential. One example is GOCOM Media of Northern California. They needed 308kW to zero out their bill, which required a massive space for the array. With obstructions like satellite aes_gocom_20141117-0709dishes and shade from neighboring trees, space was limited. Luckily, they owned an empty lot next to the studio and station.

Because SunPower modules are the highest wattage in the industry, AES was able to fit all the solar needed in the lot and on a small shade structure. No other solar panel could have accomplished this. While their team hit roadblocks, they were able to come up with solutions that made this job successful.

AES is a master dealer for SunPower, offering high efficiency solar panels in their solar installations from a manufacturer with a stable financial history and known for its quality products. To further ensure their customer’s solar installation is of the best quality, AES has seven NABCEP certified employees. NABCEP is the highest certification you can obtain in the solar industry.

rncealogoAES has positive ratings on Yelp, 5 out of 5 stars with 4 reviews, and on their Facebook page, 4.8 out of 5 stars with 12 reviews. And they get over 50 percent of their new business from referrals from previous satisfied customers. Yet, the honor that AES is most proud of is their Customer Excellence Award. Out of all 450 SunPower dealers in the nation, AES was recognized as #1 in customer service and continues to rank in the highest percentile with dealer install surveys.

Using the highest quality products and having the highest rated certified employees allows AES to deliver on their goals of offering superior service and long-standing relationships with satisfied customers. They have proven through 3rd party ratings that they adhere to these goals. Amicus Solar Cooperative is privileged to include AES as one of its members.