At Amicus Solar Cooperative, it is our members that make us special. Our members are not just solar installers, they are organizations committed to the cause of bettering our environment through renewable energy. They have an average of 15 years in the solar industry and are invested in the long-term, not just until the solar incentives run out.

Lightwave Solar is not only one of 40 members in Amicus Solar Cooperative, but is one of the seven founders of the cooperative. Established in 2006 and located in Nashville Tennessee, Lightwave has installed solar on more than 300 homes and over 200 businesses in the area. With a 100% PV focus, they were the first full-time solar installer in Tennessee and so are the most experienced installer in the area.

Nashville’s Music City Center is one of Lightwave Solar’s prominent commercial projects. There were several motivations for the city to install solar on the Music City Center. Aside from saving on electric expenses and providing cushion against inflationary rate increases, the project displayed Nashville’s commitment to clean energy and environmental responsibility. With 845 Canadian Solar modules, the system is expected to produce 290,000 kwh of electricity, enough to completely cover the Music City Center’s annual lighting load.

With the values to under promise and over deliver and do it right the first time, Lightwave is committed to excellent customer service. They have a 4.88 out of 5 rating on with 51 reviews. One recent review from states: “I recently purchased an off grid system from Lightwave Solar Electric and couldn’t be happier. From the beginning design with Evan Fitzgerald and J.P. To the installation with Miles the entire team exceeded my expectations.” Lightwave also has an A+ rating with the BBB and earns over 30% of their new business through referrals from previously satisfied customers.

Qualified employees is one way that allows Lightwave to offer such excellent customer service. They employ 10 fully certified NABCEP Solar PV Professionals – more than any other firm in the region. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is the most respected, well-established, and widely recognized certification organization for U.S. solar professionals.

Another reason Lightwave excels at serving their customers is their focus on working exclusively with solar PV. With 10 years of experience designing and installing solar arrays, they have learned what works best. They can guide their customers to the best solution for their needs and a system that will last for decades.

With their focus on customer service, it is easy to see how Lightwave Solar has stood the test of time through the ups and downs of the solar industry. Their long-term goal of expanding solar in the Nashville and surrounding areas means they will continue to be a leader in the solar industry. Amicus Solar Cooperative is grateful for their role in founding our own company.