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Amicus was founded in the fall of 2011 when a small group of friendly solar installation companies decided it was time to form a special organization where independent businesses could support each other by sharing best practices and pooling their buying power. Amicus is a purchasing cooperative that is jointly owned and democratically managed by our member companies. We are 34 members, with 50 office locations in 26 states.

Our Core Values Header

Cooperation – bargaining strength through collaborative efforts and a collective voice

Fairness – all members are treated equitably, with no special treatment of any one member over another

Respect – all members, vendors, and other stakeholders operate under a foundation of respect

Transparency – operate with an open book management policy

What We Do

• Build a community of learning and sharing

• Help vendors find great customers they can depend on

• Present industry-best pricing for quality products & services by focusing our buying power on a select group of preferred vendors

Our Members Header

Our members are independently owned and operated solar PV installation companies. There are specific eligibility requirements to become a member. Amicus members have been running successful installation businesses for an average of 15 years, delivering the highest quality of workmanship. The expertise and information shared among our group cannot be found at any industry trade show, vendor conference, workshop, or training center. Our members are what make Amicus special.

m2m peer circles

Amicus M2M Peer Circles create an opportunity for owners and employees at different member companies to easily collaborate with peers across areas of common function/expertise.

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amicus member locations
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amicus current members

Advanced Solar Products Aegis Renewable Engergy Alternative Energy Systems Inc. AEC Ameco Solar Creative Energies
Distributed Energy Partners Green Logic Energy Hamilton Solar Hudson SolarJoule
Lightwave Solar Luminalt Solar Energy Solutions Meridian Solar Namaste SolarNative
Positive Energy Solar PV Squared Radiance Solar ReVision EnergySustainable Energy Developments
Solar Impact Solarponics Southern Energy Management South Mountain CompanyStraight Up Solar
Sun Bug SolarSunCommonSun Light & Power Sunlight Solar EnergySunsense
Sun Valley Solar SolutionsTAITEM Engineering PC Technicians For Sustainability, LLCThird Sun Solar

In The News Header

Green Jobs Conference
April 13, 2015, Washington, D.C.
Amicus Solar Speaking Engagement

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Distributed Solar East
May 12-14, 2015, Washington, D.C.
Amicus Solar Speaking Engagement

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SolarEdge and Amicus Enter Preferred Vendor Agreement

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PR Newswire
Amicus/LFC Capital Announce $50 Million Solar Program

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Amicus Solar Embraces the Co-op Model to Give Small Solar Firms an Edge

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Rocky Mountain Institute
The Rise of Solar Co-ops

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Solar Power World
Solar Speaks: Amicus And Locus Energy Discuss Solar Monitoring And Purchasing Cooperatives

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Locus Energy Named Preferred Supplier for Amicus Solar Cooperative

Locus' Solar Monitoring and Data Analytics Products are Purchasing Coop's Top Choice
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SolarPro Interview with Stephen Irvin, Amicus Solar Cooperative:
A Progressive Model for Purchasing and Information Exchange
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amicus current members

Kyocera SolarLGRenesola Suniva
Advanced EnergySMA Solar TechnologySolarEdge
Array TechnologiesLocus EnergyPanel ClawResolute Digital

testimonials header

"Amicus is certainly the right name for this wonderful group, for we already feel we are amongst friends."
- Tim Hamor, Owner, Alternative Energy Systems

“Amicus has made a huge impact on our business – saving us money on equipment, improved terms, and most importantly, access to shared best practices and expertise among member companies.”
- Marc Clejan, CEO, GreenLogic

"Amicus has brought together the leaders in the solar energy industry. When you look at the membership roster, you find industry pioneers, all sharing similar values with an intense drive for excellence. Amicus has been invaluable to my company by allowing us to pool our resources and share best practices with these industry leaders."
- John Wright, VP, Hudson Solar

“Amicus Solar Cooperative is the regional, independently owned PV integrator’s answer to the ever-growing competition from big-box-store, national companies that prioritize reckless growth over profitability, customer service, quality, and sustainability.”
– Blake Jones, CEO, Namaste Solar

"We've been utterly delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of the Amicus solar purchasing cooperative. In addition to benefiting from competitive pricing and terms from vendors, we've particularly enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate and share experiences and best practices with other members of the coop. It is a truly remarkable collection of companies and individuals who are deeply committed to both technical excellence and personal/professional integrity."
– Fortunat Mueller, Co-founder, ReVision Energy

“Amicus has been a great investment in Southern Energy Management’s long-term success. We are pleased with the value that Amicus brings us. Strong pricing across the supply chain, sharing of best practices, and access to people who really understand specific topics well, are all real value adds to our business every day. The group is strong and collaborative. We believe independent solar companies are stronger coordinating with each other and look forward to continued collaboration with Amicus members.”
– Bob Kingery, President, Southern Energy Management

“These are some of the most successful and forward-looking solar companies in the country, and they are very selective in determining whether or not to accept a company as a member.”
– Rob Meyers, General Manager of Energy Services, South Mountain Company

“StraightUp Solar is proud to be part of Amicus and collaborate with other solar leaders as we collectively and sustainably advance the solar industry.”
– Dane Glueck, President, StraightUp Solar

“Sharing best practices with top notch solar companies through Amicus has allowed us at SunCommon to stay on the leading edge of quality and customer service.”
– James Moore, Co-President, SunCommon