Public Benefit Report

December 2021

Amicus Solar Cooperative Public Benefit Report

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Public Benefit Report

What is a Public Benefit Corporation?

A public benefit corporation is a for profit corporation or domestic cooperative that is intended to produce one or more public benefits and to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner.

What is a public benefit?

Section 7-101-503(2), C.R.S., defines public benefit as ‘one or more positive effects or reduction of negative effects on one or more categories of persons, entities, communities, or interests other than shareholders in their capacities as shareholders, including effects of an artistic, charitable, cultural, economic, educational, environmental, literary, medical, religious, scientific, or technological nature.’

In this annual benefit report, we will highlight some of our contributions to making a positive impact over the year.

Climate Justice Advocacy Work

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In 2021, Amicus partnered with NAACP, Green Latinos, and other climate justice advocates to create the Residential Renewables for All coalition. Our coalition led the national advocacy effort to include a direct pay option for the Section 25D residential energy tax credit. Amicus commissioned an independent study by the RAND Corporation, which endorsed the need for equity in the U.S. solar market via policies like direct pay for Section 25D.

This tax policy would increase equity and open access to clean energy for lower income households and disadvantaged communities by allowing a direct payment in lieu of a tax credit. Lower income households have the least ability of all households to bear the upfront costs of clean energy investments and then wait for a tax refund months or, with carry-forward, years later. In the end, the Build Back Better Act included refundability for Section 25D, which is a big win for climate justice.

Small Business Support

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Part of our mission is to support independently owned solar energy companies, many of which are small businesses. We believe the success of small businesses is paramount for communities and society as a whole. Small businesses enhance their local labor market as well as contribute in numerous ways to their communities. Feeling the impact of the pandemic over the past few years, it has become clear the importance of our work in supporting the over 3,500 jobs held by solar professionals across our member companies.

Amicus is an inclusive, open, and transparent community of seasoned solar business leaders who share best practices and care for each other in numerous ways. The average tenure of the Amicus companies is 17 years in the solar industry, and our members embrace sharing both the good and bad experiences they have learned over that time. It has been amazing to watch how easily this group shares information, offers advice, and simply utilizes each other as a trusted network of advisors who deal with similar business challenges. These companies are stronger together, allowing them to create more well-paying jobs and give back more to their communities…we are using our businesses as a force for good.

Community Impact

A Clean Energy Future

A Clean Energy Future
In 2021, Amicus member’s solar installations totaled approximately 672 MW. The energy produced by these systems is equivalent to preventing approximately 2,366,145 barrels of oil from being consumed in a single year or reducing carbon emissions equivalent to 1,129,599,182 lbs of coal burned. Of the 672 MW installed, approximately 80% supplied electricity to non-profits, businesses, small utilities, and community solar projects, while the remaining 20% directly powered homes across the U.S. and western Canada.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

The Amicus JEDI Committee partnered with Center for Radical Connection (“CRC”) to lead monthly workshops for team members of Amicus companies throughout the year. CRC’s mission is ‘to foster connection, re-cognition, and re-imagining through the awareness of love, power, and identity’. These interactive sessions were held virtually which allowed for team members from all over the country to join each month. Each session we discussed a different topic which included; practicing connection and the role of mindfulness in anti-oppression work, cultivating curiosity, listening with love: repairing conflict, speaking from where you are: spheres of oppression and liberation, exploring your edges: interrogating dominant culture and creating a sustainable commitment. The intention of these workshops was to explore, challenge and help create more understanding of ourselves, our colleagues, our communities and our cultures.

We are also on the founding Board of Renewables Forward, a diversity and inclusion initiative in the solar industry as well as helping lead an effort with PVEL and SunSpec to remove the words “slave” and “master” from all technical documentation. Finally, we held a powerful workshop with Boulder County called Beyond Binary, which outlined LGBTQ concepts, etiquette, and allyship.


Amicus has created a working group with its members who have also committed to B Corp Net Zero 2030. Amicus helped lead the founding of the B-Corp Climate Collective in 2019. The Amicus Net Zero Working Group will evaluate, track, and offset our collective carbon emissions by 2030.

Together with our employees, members and industry partners, we are continuously working to increase our actions to achieve a more sustainable and equitable future.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to support values-driven, independently-owned solar energy companies working every day to create climate justice.