Amicus Solar Cooperative and Amurtel Partner to Bring Solar Power to Puerto Rico

Amicus Solar Cooperative, and Amurtel, a non-profit working in disaster relief, are partnering to build Solar Outreach Systems (SOS) to bring dozens of desperately needed portable solar energy systems to power critical areas in Puerto Rico.

Millions of Americans living in Puerto Rico (Boriqueñas) remain without power due to Hurricane Maria, many still without passable roads, access to clean drinking water, in need of basic supplies, and unable to receive medical care they would otherwise have with functional electricity.

At an 18-degree latitude, Puerto Rico is an ideal geography for solar energy, but with so little solar in place right now, few businesses or homes are able to take advantage of this sustainable source of power.  Having to depend on the old power grid means Puerto Rican communities are looking at being without power for up to a year.  The SOS portable, community-based communication and emergency power hubs will immediately assist on the ground relief efforts.

The SOS will be deployed by the Aireko Foundation, an offshoot of Aireko Energy Solutions which is a member of Amicus.  These units will be loaned to the communities for the duration of their need, and redeployed as needs and events dictate. “The aftermath of Hurricane Maria has been as strong and even harder, than the path of the storm itself, especially for those communities that are lucky enough to have this service, which are very few.  Sadly, those communities are far from returning to their normal lives,” said Hector Rivera Russe of Aireko Energy Solutions.  “I’m deeply touch by how my Amicus partners, alongside Amurtel, have jumped without hesitation, to putting their time, resources and effort to give relied to my people in Puerto Rico.  I will always be thankful to them.”

This Amicus/Amurtel SOS partnership is actively fundraising for the Power on Puerto Rico project to design, build, and deploy 10 initial portable, off grid solar systems for remote community centers where the public can charge cell phones, rechargeable lights, radios, and other low load, high value items that will offer immediate relief to disaster victims.  A goal of 100 units will be deployed through this effort.  Tax deductible donations of materials, services, and cash contributions are being coordinated through

Please continue to check back to this page for updates on the progress of this project. We appreciate your interest and support.


  • See this 60 Minutes story for a firsthand account of daily life in Puerto Rico after the storm.
  • Check out the final design of our SOS: Design
  • We’ve identified the first ten communities where the SOS will be deployed:
    • Las Marias : Los Naranjales and Buena Vista
    • Maricao: Indiera Fria, Indiera Alta, Indiera Baja, and Bocarabones
    • Agnasco Playa and Agnasco
    • Aguadilla: La Via
    • Isabela
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  • First three trailers complete! See a story about our progress by clicking here.
  • There is still a significant need in Puerto Rico.  Check out our latest news coverage on the project and the conditions on the ground in Puerto Rico by clicking here.  Click on “Donate Now” above to keep this project going and bring more trailers to Puerto Rico.